Case Studies

Lynx approached us wanting to freshen up their brand image. They had an existing brochure that had been put together a few years ago that 'did the job' but didn't communicate who Lynx were and what they did effectively enough. They are a team of young, trendy and experienced professionals working with many top level creative agencies and they wanted their brand to reflect this.

Our Approach

Never losing site of the brand objectives of being young and trendy we knew the brand had to be simple and colourful, without over complicating it. We freshened up the logo in terms of presentation and changed the colour from a lime green to a dark grey (with a little highlight) to allow us to use the full colour spectrum going forward. We developed a secondary graphic, now known as the Lynx barcode, to work with the new strap line of 'creative retail displays'. Together these two elements instantly communicate the area of business in which Lynx operate and can be easily applied to any or all materials.

In developing their website and brochure we used creative photography, which was carefully selected to represent the end user who would be influenced by the retail displays Lynx create. The photography, typography, simple layout and use of colour delivers the required brand style whilst offering a true reflection of the people that make Lynx who they are.

The Results

Having successfully completed the initial brand re-fresh that incorporated a brochure and new website, Lynx were eager to roll out the look to signage, artwork, banners, stationery and reception graphics for their business premises. The response that we've had has been extremely positive and Lynx feel they can now move forward with confidence in their brand.