Case Studies

To operate with a company image that you don’t have complete confidence in is distracting. It distracts you from pushing yourself forward, from being innovative with your advertising and marketing techniques and most importantly from inspiring yourself to build a business.

Heat & Home had operated with some ‘quite nice branding for a local central heating company’, since May 2008, but never felt happy with it. They approached us in September 2009 with a large but specific brief: to fix the company logo and from that to design all other media, including the website.

Our Approach

Having developed a new logo from the client’s initial ideas we then developed the brand style and colours that would be used on any future marketing materials. Crucial to the new style was the creation of a series of colourful and modern icons that could be used on all materials including the Heat &Home vans to immediately communicate the large number of services that are offered without the need for excessive amounts of descriptive text.

The Results

With the vans, website, calling cards and estimate folders all sporting the new brand style and maximising brand identity, the Heat & Home teams’ high quality work is now backed up by credible and professional marketing support. It was with the launch of the website however that the client really felt in a position to push the business. The website gave them the confidence to direct potential customers to it and it drives business to them. A large proportion of new work now comes via the website and that is impressive in an industry that usually operates on word of mouth.

Client Testimonial

“When we approached Inspire we were new to business and certainly new to the design process, but they guided us through it. Importantly however they went beyond providing a good design; they engaged us in the process and got us to really think about what we offered as a business. They nailed the logo on the first go and we breathed a sigh of relief. The logo was so good that everything that came after it was easy and continues to be so.

They pushed us to produce more information for the website and think about the key messages we wanted to communicate. Our customers tell us time and again how good the website looks and how informative it is and from that they feel confident ringing us.

Our budget was not enormous, but that never stopped me wanting a design that was anything short of outstanding and that is what we got. Inspire helped deliver us the business I wanted and we have gone from strength to strength ever since.”

Joanne Alsop - Director, Heat & Home

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