Case Studies
Dental Products

Since its founding, this dental products manufacturer has developed a wide range of high quality products for dental professionals and has developed, manufactured and distributed a wide range of high quality products for the dental industry. In this competitive marketplace the client wanted to reform their advertising to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and develop a brand style to make it immediately identifiable.

Our Approach

Having looked at the trade publications where they advertise
we immediately became aware of how clinical and
sterile all the advertising was. This had the effect of making
the advertising in these publications appear very similar with
little impact. Inspire’s approach was to develop a series of
advertisements with a strong and concept driven headline,
a consistent strapline and call to action and present the ads
in a range of strong colours to create immediate impact.

The Results

This innovative approach within the dental sector has led
to the advertising becoming instantly recognisable
within their sector with the strong colours assisting the
adverts in jumping off the page to grab the reader’s
attention. The consistent approach has also resulted in
brand recognition being maximised.